The Perfect Father’s Day Gift-Varla Scooter

With father’s day around the corner, you might be planning to gift something different this year? Well, you should plan to gift something unique. This is because gifting a coffee mug or simply a book is pretty common now. So, how about gifting a long-range electric scooter? Isn’t this a cool idea to surprise your dad and show him how much you love him? Well, it could be an excellent approach for surprising your dad.

Don’t worry; this guide will help you find the best perfect father’s day gift. We will be sharing some of the best Varla Scooters for your ease. So, let us get started.

Choosing the Best Varla Scooter as A Father’s Day Gift

When we talk about long-range electric scooters, one cannot forget the quality, reliability, and performance of Varla Scooters. Now, which one should you choose for your father depends on several factors such as his interest in such scooters, his commute, and the range? Anyhow, here are our top Varla Scooter picks to help you choose.

1: The Eagle One Electric Scooter (Dual Motor)

With an outstanding range of up to 40 Miles, Varla scooters could be the perfect electric scooter for your dad. It is long-range, dual motors, and good overall versatility is what make it so special. You can consider this model if your dad likes an all-in-one electric scooter with a seat. Let us take a look at some of the highlights of this Varla scooter.

a: Battery and Range 

A 52V Lithium-ion battery powers the dual-motor eagle one electric scooter. This battery offers enough juice for dad to use the scooter for a daily commute and also for some adventurous riding such as on hills. This battery powers the dual motors, the LED Display, and the LED lights of the Varla scooter.

One unique feature here is the option of dual charging. For instance, if you want to top up the battery in a short time, you can use an additional charger to speed up the charging process. This battery lets the eagle one electric scooter last for up to 40 miles on a single charge.

All-Terrain Varla Eagle One Pro
Varla Eagle One Pro

b: The Motor Configuration 

As the name says, this Varla scooter has dual motors to cater to the needs of several types of dads. For instance, your dad can take this foldable electric scooter on an off-road track without any difficulty. This is because the combined power of these dual motors is 3200W. Also, these motors produce an ample amount of torque which is one reason why this particular Varla scooter performs equally well even on tough terrains.

c: Overall Comfort Level

The overall comfort level of the dual-motor eagle one electric scooter is quite good. It has a dual suspension system, an aluminum alloy construction, and 10-inch wide tires, which all contribute to a quality ride. There is even an option for seat installation so that your dad can use it for long commutes with ease.

All in all, this Varla scooter is an excellent option for gifting to any day on Father’s Day. Its wide range of features and overall build make it an easy pick for nearly an dad who wants to make the best out of an electric scooter.


2: Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter 

For those, who want to gift a Varla scooter that’s just perfect for city rides, the Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter is an ideal pick. It also has dual shocks, a powerful dual hub motor, and a reasonable 28-miles range. Let us take a look at it in a bit more detail.

a: Battery and Range 

The battery is the key part of an electric scooter. The Pegasus City Commuter has a 48V lithium-ion battery that will give you up to 28 miles in one charge. That will be enough for most people’s daily commute. Note that this range also depends on how your dad rides this scooter. For instance, if he constantly accelerates and goes up hills, then the range will be shorter. But if he rides on flat ground and doesn’t go too fast, he gets the full 28 miles out of the Pegasus City Commuter.

Off-Road Varla Eagle One
Varla Eagle One

b: The Motor Configuration

The Pegasus City Commuter has a dual hub 500w motor. So, one can expect a combined power output of around 1600W. The torque rating here is 25nm. So, with these numbers, the Pegasus City Commuter is rated as an excellent commuter for daily city rides. Your dad can easily roam around the town on this foldable electric scooter. Furthermore, it also features a fairly big size LCD display. So, your dad won’t have any issue keeping an eye on the battery level and current speed of the scooter while riding.

c: Overall Comfort Level

As you will be buying this Varla Scooter for your dad, the overall comfort level should also be your concern. In this regard, there is nothing really to complain about from the Pegasus City Commuter. It has an independent suspension, strong frame, and quality tires to ensure a smooth and safe ride. The top speed here is 28 miles which are enough for a commuter electric scooter.


In short, the Pegasus City Commuter is an excellent pick for those who want a reliable but relatively inexpensive electric scooter for their dad. It has a reasonably powerful dual hub motor, dual shocks, and a beefy size LCD screen for the rider’s convenience.

Final Thoughts

So, giving a Varla scooter this Father’s Day is definitely a cool idea. An electric scooter with seat is a lot more practical gift that your dad could utilize for years if kept well. Further, an electric scooter is good for the environment. So, when you gift a quality Varla scooter to your dad, he may not use his car that much for the daily commute, saving some bucks on fuel and also saving the environment. Therefore, you should consider this idea. Happy Father’s Day!

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