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Varla Scooter Best Travel Partner to Venture Out Freely

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The inspiration for the video comes from a date. Ben had a date with his girlfriend. He didn’t expect the crowded traffic, so he had to change to other public transportation. It took him a long time to arrive and the date was canceled. He thought, if he has a Varla electric scooter at that time, he would be able to choose another route, and arrived at the destination on time like the guy in this video!



Varla as off-road electric scooter, not only for commuting, but also suit the outdoor off-road game, loads of fun and excitement. With high-end performance, Varla off-road electric scooter could take you to travel freely.


  • Big power

As an off-road electric scooter, Varla with excellent dual motors, 1000W each, which provides a peak power output of 3200W. You can easily tackle ramps with up to 30 degree inclines with Eagle One. It will help you conquer the roughest terrains.


Varla Off-road electric scooter
  • Long range

Equipped with 52V/18.2Ah lithium-ion battery, you can ride more than 40 miles per fully charge. With Varla scooter, you’re free to go to venture out and feel the charm of nature.


  • Smooth ride

In order to bring rider a comfortable riding experience, Varla scooter adopts an excellent independent suspension system, and equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires, which can absorb the bumps of the road to the greatest extent. So that rider can enjoy riding more otherwise be disturbed by the road conditions.

Best off road partner Varla Eagle One
  • Safety

Varla Eagle One use dual disc brakes, with efficient braking power. The braking distance is short, it will stop when you brake. Besides, consider the safety of customer riding, Varla scooter is equipped with an ABS system, which can improve safety performance. Safe first!

 varla offroad electric scooter

If you want to venture out freely, conquer all terrains and see the world, Varla Eagle One will be your best travel partner! 


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