Take an Adventure on Varla All Terrain Electric Scooters This New Year 2023!

Varla dual motor electric scooter

It’s a new year, and what best way to start the year than purchasing an electric scooter? Electric scooters are one of the most fun and effective ways to get around. And this year, you can save big on a new Varla all terrain electric scooter. With the best discount, you get value for your money this new year.

Varla commuter electric scooter

These adult electric scooters run on rechargeable batteries with dual motors for maximum performance. If you want a quality commuter scooter for adventures, you should get the Varla Eagle One Pro All Terrain Electric Scooter.

The Varla New Year sale offers discounts of $150 off on purchasing an Eagle One escooter and $300 Off on two Eagle One scooters. While $100 off for one Eagle One Pro and $200 off when you get 2 Eagle One Pro. They are available during the date at December 30th to January 3rd.

How E-Scooters Are Changing the Active Travel Business

It’s no surprise to see commuter scooters becoming more popular and their demand growing ever-rising. With the improvement in technology, all terrain electric scooters come in various designs and models and have changed how riders commute. Laws for escooter operation have been passed in most countries, making scooters legal to run on roads.

Limiting the use of escooters to bike lanes or streets and banning them from sidewalks is still an advantage to enable riders to escape traffic on the road. Moreover, it’s easy to understand why the adult electric scooter sector is flourishing. They are user-friendly, reliable, and affordable and help individuals travel greener. For a better riding experience this year, you should get the Eagle One Pro Dual Motor E-scooter, suitable for long-distance journeys.

How to Prepare for an Outdoor Adventure with Electric Scooter

When going for outdoor adventures, it’s best to prepare for your trip. Here are some tips to follow to have an enjoyable trip:

  • Ensure Your Brakes Are in Good Condition

The brakes are an essential safety feature of your adult electric scooter. You must ensure they work before you head out for a ride. Your brake should be able to stop whenever you need it to without delay to avoid a collision or fall. For your all terrain electric scooter with disc brakes, you should check if the pads are still in the proper position. When they are in bad shape, it can affect your riding performance. 

  • Check Your Tires

Your outdoor adventure will go more smoothly if your tires are in excellent condition. To guarantee you are within the recommended range, get a pressure gauge. As stated on the tires’ sidewalls, maintain them at the suggested air pressure. Whether your scooter has solid or pneumatic tires, you should frequently inspect them for damage and replace them when the tread wears down too much.

  • Go for a Test Ride  

After you have checked all the components of your commuter scooter, you can take it for a spin. This test ride will help you know how your adult electric scooter may perform during your adventure. It is also a crucial step, especially if you are a beginner, to see if there are any hidden problems with your 40 mph electric scooter.

  • Check Your Battery  

Electric scooters run on rechargeable batteries. When going on trips, you should fully charge your batteries. You should have enough battery life to complete the travel and return. Since you will be outdoors for a while, you may need extra batteries.

  • Plan Your Route

Researching the locations you will be heading to beforehand is essential. You can start by knowing the local escooter laws and regulations and the bike lanes for adult electric scooters. All terrain scooters are great if you need more power to overcome challenging terrains. However, knowing the obstacles ahead can help you navigate your routes if you’re new to all terrain electric scooter riding.

Varla all terrain electric scooter

Safe Outdoor Adventure Ride Tips on Your All Terrain Electric Scooter 

Here are some safety tips you would need when going on an adventure with your motorized scooter:

  • Wear a Safety Helmet

Having a helmet on while journeying is necessary. A dual motor electric scooter crash at any speed can cause significant damage. Your typical electrical scooter helmet is adequate for standard commuter scooters, but for off-road riding, consider investing in a motorcycle helmet for full-face protection. An off-road helmet also protects your eyes from the wind when riding electric off road scooters, which may reach up to 40 mph.

  • Ride With Both Handlebars

While you might think it’s stylish to ride an adult electric scooter with just one hand, doing so makes it much harder to maintain control if something unforeseen happens. You may run into another road user, or an unexpected pothole is all it takes to present you with a challenge you can’t readily tackle with just one hand on the wheel. Use both of those handlebars at all times for road safety.

  • Stay Alert

Electric scooters are popular for many reasons besides being a practical and environmentally beneficial mode of transportation. It’s easy to become so engrossed looking at your surrounding and forget you are driving on a busy road. So, it’s best to remain vigilant of your environment.

  • Take It Easy When Going Downhill

Due to the force of gravity, adult electric scooters accelerate more quickly when moving downward. While heading downhill and moving more rapidly than expected, ensure you apply your brakes when necessary.

Choosing the Right Electric Scooter for your Adventures this New Year 

When purchasing an electric scooter for your adventurous trips, you should consider the following:

  • Power Capacity

To travel further, you need a 40 mph electric scooter that can go a long distance. An electric scooter with a strong battery and motor would take you further. If you are an off-road adventurer, you need the Eagle One Pro All Terrain Scooter. This dual motor electric scooter is suitable for all terrains, including bumpy roads, hilly areas, and trails.

  • Travel Distance

Your scooter’s range is the furthest it can go on a single battery. A lesser range is acceptable if you only use your dual motor electric scooter for short journeys around town. However, if you intend to use it for longer trips, you will need a 40 mph electric scooter with a more extensive range. The Eagle One dual motor e scooter can go 45 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 45mph. It also has a dual hydraulic brake with an ABS that ensures a sudden smooth brake for your trips.

  • Weight Limit 

The majority of electric scooters can carry riders up to 100 kg. However, pick a commuter scooter to support your weight if you need to carry cargo or are a heavier rider. The Eagle One and Eagle One Pro have a maximum weight limit of 330 lbs each.

What Warranty Do I Get With My New Escooter?

You get a two-year warranty when you purchase the Eagle One or Eagle One Pro. Varla warranty will replace damaged parts (including defects incurred during shipment), excluding rider’s error. However, this exempts damages from improper maintenance and installation of accessories.

Varla adult electric scooter


An all terrain electric scooter is a convenient means of transport. Commuter scooters have the potential to offer a variety of advantages, including the ability to move around and exercise. Preparing ahead and adopting some safety measures is necessary for you to have a wonderful adventure.

Varla scooters have top-quality features that would ensure you have a smooth trip. The Varla New Year sale offers excellent Eagle One and Eagle One Pro discounts. These battery scooters are durable and effective for your all-year adventure.