Adventure Never Ends With E-Scooters In School

Back to school with Varla scooter

One of my least favorite things about going back to school with my scooter. No student looks forward to waiting for the train, getting stuffed inside a bus, or walking to campus, especially if it’s a hot day. Commuting to school is a hassle for most people, seeing how they need to alternate between risky and reckless modes of transport. Half of their school life revolves around their travels.

To save time and costs, there have electric scooters. However, parents have their doubts when investing in an e-scooter.

take a electric scooter in school
Varla Pegasus

They often worry about the transport of their children and rightfully so seeing how inconvenient public transport is. College students seldom ever voluntarily take the bus or the metro. Teenagers are left with the option to either walk or take the school bus. These modes of transport are unreliable at best and dangerous at worst. In that sense, one of the most effective electric modes of transport would be an electric scooter.

Adults and teenagers have shown a particular interest in electric scooters. There are various scooters for these back-to-school students, and they all vary depending on the person’s use. Let’s discuss the value of an e-scooter in further detail.

Why Should You Buy an Electric Scooter

Investing and taking scooters to school is something you won’t regret for a long time. They are durable and offer the best functions to operate accurately on the road. Purchasing an electric scooter is the more practical choice; they are lightweight, portable, easy-to-carry, and budget-friendly scooters.

Since they’re much cheaper than most other forms of automatic transport, they’re a fan favorite. And with gas prices rising, it’s not uncommon that people are trading in their cars to get their hands on an e-scooter.  Some of the other benefits include:

  • They don’t require fuel or diesel to function. You don’t need to spend money on gas when driving this motor scooter.
  • They will cut commute costs and it’s good for the environment, shortly, they are really eco-friendly commuter vehicles tools. Since there’s an absence of toxicants in the motor, they don’t emit greenhouse gases. These harmful gases cause significant problems in the ozone layer. Since e-scooters use an electric motor system, its very good for the environment.
  • Because it requires incredible balance, core support, and mental alertness, you get a routine exercise on your e-scooter in school. For students, this is an ideal option, considering how they don’t have enough time or energy left for a full workout session.
  • It doesn’t take away your physical strength as a bicycle does. Especially after long distances, cyclists are exhausted when they finally reach school, which can affect their performance in class.
  • Their compact size can zoom past the traffic jam without a problem; you would never be late to a class or lecture due to traffic.
  • Their portability allows you to store the scooter in a school or line them up in the bicycle rack with ease.
  • Their price is half of an average car or bike. This isn’t to take into account all the money you’ll save on fuel, maintenance, and other typical car essentials.
  • They last from an average of three to five years. If you store it with care and handle it properly, then you can keep this throughout your high school or college time.
  • You can now save the recharging cost by installing and charging your e-scooter with solar panels.
  • Accessibility goes hand-in-hand with this motor scooter in school. You won’t have to search for a parking spot. Either you can get the foldable electric scooter and fold it to take it with you everywhere, or you can put it on the bike lane with a protective lock.
  • They’re fun! What kid doesn’t love fun? Get a Varla scooter now and send out your kid in style.

Choose the Right Scooter

You need to consider a few vital things about your scooter before you make a purchase. A motor scooter is a two-wheeled and self-propelling machine that comes in different models with various functions and features unique to that specific model;

The things you should think of before investing in an e-scooter include:

  1. The age and height of the rider. While there are electric scooters for children, they might be too strong or heavy for a child.
  2. Their route. A smaller and lighter model will be perfect if your kid goes through smooth pavement or plain streets. A more robust electric scooter would be best if your kid ventures through rough roads or rocky areas in school.
  3. The budget. Their prices can range from $1600 to $2500. Sticking to the budget will grant you and your child the best experience with the Varla e-scooter in school.
choose a right Varla scooter
Varla Eagle One

How Does a Varla Scooter Work

Our Varla scooters aren’t built with complicated technology, but they are certainly advanced. Our electric scooters are famous for their portability, micro-mobility, and extra maneuverability, which make them ideal for navigating through traffic and narrow passageways.  

Varla e-scooter comes with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries and a strong aluminum frame. These batteries are near the dual brushless motors located in the rear of the scooter. These motors hold enough power to easily commute across town up to the speed of 40 mph.

Back to School with Your Scooter

Electric scooters are a popular mode of transportation. Many youths and older adults prefer this over a bus or a standard car. Of course, it isn’t a mystery why; they are accessible, cheaper, emission-free, and simple to operate. Their health benefits are also another great addition to their ever-growing list of qualities.

When these scooters took over the market, many companies rose to meet the demand of the masses. You may find some of the very best ones to be Varla, as we have a variety of models to offer, catering to your specific needs. With our discounted offers and great pricing, you can get the best experience of an e-scooter.

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