How Far Can Electric Scooters Go?

How Far Can Electric Scooters Go?

As people find that electric scooters are a great solution to the last-mile issue, many people start to consider owning a private electric scooter, which can meet people's short-distance commuting without waiting for crowded buses or subways. The most worrying problem for buyer is that the scooter battery will run out when they ride halfway. Thus, the range of the scooter becomes one of the most concerned features before people purchase.

Let's take a closer look at what exactly affects the range of electric scooters and learn some methods to increase the cruising range!


What factors determine the range?

  • Battery Capacity
  • Weight-load
  • Speed
  • Terrain
  • Temperature
  • Tires

Range Comparison between Varla and other E-scooters

  • Entry-level scooters
  • Mid-tier scooters
  • High-end scooters

How to increase the range of your scooter?

  • Turn off the scooter when not in use.
  • Avoid overloading.
  • Don't stop or start too frequently.
  • Keep tires well-inflated.
  • Ride on easy terrain.
  • Charge the battery regularly.
  • Change to high-power battery.

What factors determine the range?

In addition to the most critical factor - battery capacity, tire pressure, weight-load, speed, terrain, and temperature all affect the cruising range.

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is a key factor in determining the range of electric scooters. The larger the power, the longer the mileage. We usually use voltage (V) and ampere-hour (Ah) to show the battery capacity. Simply put, voltage represents how fast you can ride, and ampere-hour represents roughly how much the battery will last.

The two parameters of most batteries are different, so how to judge?

We only need to multiply these two parameters together, and the number will be used to describe the battery capacity. Consider the following formula:

Voltage * amp hours = watt-hours

Let's take Varla Scooter as an example:

The Varla Eagle One uses 52V/18.2Ah battery.

52(V)*18.2(Ah)=946.4 (Wh)

That means the electric scooter has a 946.4Wh battery capacity.


Although the range cannot be known directly, we can use this parameter to compare other batteries' capacity to decide whether it meets our needs.


The heavier the scooter loads, the more power it needs to move forward, so that the range will be correspondingly shortened. For example, the Varla scooter has a maximum load of 265lbs. If you carry something heavy and the total weight exceeds this maximum, the scooter's mileage will be affected, especially when you go uphill.


How fast you ride will also have a significant impact on the cruising range given that more power needs to be provided if you go faster. Most scooters now have two modes and various speed gears. If you keep riding at the top speed, the battery will run out more quickly than if you ride in Eco-mode. And the range may only reach 40-50% of the longest cruising distance at top speed.

If you want to ride further, always keep Eco-mode. But if you're going to reach your destination faster, going in the middle-speed mode, about 25 MPH, is usually okay too.


The rough road consumes battery faster. If you ride on a smooth, unchanging road, you can go further, because in off-road riding, you often face uphills and muddy terrain, it takes more effort to conquer, and the battery will also be consumed faster. 



For lithium battery, the lower the temperature is, the less power they can provide. The battery can exert a higher range and performance when used at normal temperature, and if it is used in an environment below 0°C, the battery life and performance will decrease. Typically, in an environment of -20°C, the cruising range may be only half or lower than at normal temperature. If the temperature rises, the battery's capacity will be restored. Pay attention to the battery's maintenance, which can effectively improve the cruising range of the scooter.


If the tire pressure is low, the area that touches the ground will increase, accordingly the riding resistance increases, so the scooter needs to spend more power to start, that’s why the battery will drain faster. Not only that, if the tire pressure is too low or too high, it will increase the risk of puncture (if your scooter has a pneumatic tire).

For example, for tires with a maximum pressure of 50 psi, the range of 35-45 is more appropriate. It is necessary to check regularly to ensure that the tire pressure is kept within a proper range before traveling. 



Range Comparison between Varla and other E-scooters

Currently, the mileage of scooters is about 10-70miles, depending on the price and performance. You can choose the scooter that suits you the best according to your needs and budget.

Entry-level scooters

If your daily commute is only about 5 miles, then an electric scooter with a battery capacity of about 200 Wh and capable of going 10-15 miles will be the right choice for you. Generally speaking, their prices are usually around $200-$400.

Mid-tier scooters

A mid-level scooter's battery capacity is about 300-600 Wh, and it can continue to travel 15-30 miles on a single charge. For most people, mid-tier scooters can basically meet the needs of daily commuting. According to the difference in configuration, the price ranges between $400 to $1000.

High-end scooters

If you want to ride a scooter to explore the city's streets, then a high-end scooter will be more suitable for you. Their battery capacity is greater than 600 Wh. After a single full charge, they can travel for more than 30 miles, and the price usually exceeds $1,000.

Take Varla dual-motor electric scooter as an example, it has a battery capacity of 946.4 Wh and a cruising range of 40 miles. Riding the Varla scooter, you can get around the city freely and even go off-road without worry!



How to increase the range of your scooter?

As we have discussed above, the cruising range can be affected in many ways. So here are some tips to effectively extend the cruising range.

Turn off the scooter when not in use.

Even if you stop to rest halfway, electronic components will continue to consume power. If you turn off the scooter's power when you don't need to ride, it can save power to some extents.

Avoid overloading.

Don't carry more weight than necessary. If the load is too heavy, it will be used more power. Namely, the more weight your scooter has to carry, the less range it will last.

Don't stop or start too frequently.

Since every start requires additional power consumption. Therefore, if the power is switched often, it is easy to shorten the scooter's cruising range.

Keep tires well-inflated.

Too low tire pressure will increase the tire contact area, increase the riding resistance, and reduce the cruising range. Keep the correct PSI, don't over-inflate. (For full tire knowledge, refer to our previous blog - How to maintain tire pressure on your scooter)

Ride on easy terrain.

Choose a relatively smooth road as much as possible for daily commuting, and pay attention to avoid the slope and rough road conditions. If you are exploring in the city, choosing a gentle road will allow you to go further.

Charge the battery regularly.

The ideal charging mode for a lithium battery is when the electric scooter has about 20% power left, it can be charged to about 90% full. It can effectively extend battery life and performance. (For more maintenance knowledge, please check out our previous blog - How to maintain your scooter battery)

Change to high-power battery.

The most direct way is to replace your original battery with a more powerful one. When choosing a battery, stick to a larger ampere-hour battery. However, even if you change to a larger battery, it's necessary to pay attention to daily maintenance! 



The range of electric scooters largely depends on various factors. There is almost no reliable way to determine the precise range you can go because it's affected by things like weight, terrain, tire pressure, and the scooter's overall condition. But if you pay more attention to these aspects, it can also greatly increase the scooter's range!

Enjoy your ride and stay safe!


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