Are Electric Scooters the Future of Transportation?

Are Electric Scooters the Future of Transportation?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the technology of motor vehicles, production and use have increased rapidly. A lot of pollutants are produced by fuel cars. It has become more harmful to the environment and public health. Therefore, people began to look for a more eco-friendly way of transportation methods. Considering these following reasons, some people choose to ride a bicycle, walk to reduce carbon emissions, or drive an electric car, ride an electric bike, or electric scooter when need to go further.

What's the advantage of electric vehicles?


Now, transport is the fastest growing source of fossil-fuel CO2 emissions, since nearly 30% of climate-damaging emissions in the USA come from transportation. The harmful gas emissions make big direct effects on the environment, humans, animals, and plants, and will cause potential dangers, such as asthma, heart attack, and premature death. But clean energy vehicles or electric vehicles will not emit such polluting gases. For a cleaner planet and your health, let’s do some changes!
GHG Emission


With the development of electric technology, the battery is more durable, and it continues to improve as the cost drops. If the battery runs out, you only need to plug in, it’s cheaper and more convenient than fuel. And a recent study showed that current batteries are likely to retain functionality for 10-12 years of driving. On the whole, the cost of electric vehicles is much lower than that of fuel vehicles.

More Opportunities For Exercise

According to the recommendations of WHO, in order to maintain good health, everyone needs to exercise at least 160 minutes a week. Nowadays not a few people could achieve the recommended time. Compared to cars, you will have more chances of exercise to keep healthy when you go outside by electric scooter or e-bike. Besides, they’re more efficient than walk or ride a bicycle, so you can go further with them easily. Get healthy, save time, and protect the environment, isn’t this a super ideal way to travel? In summary, electric vehicles are indeed the future of transportation. As a rising star in the electric vehicle field, electric scooters have gradually emerged in recent years for the following reasons.

Why do electric scooters become the future of transportation?


More than a hundred years ago, motorized scooters came out. With the development of electrical equipment, motorized scooters are able to run with only electricity, the performance greatly improved. Nearly 80% of people drive less than 40 miles for their daily commute, according to a suvey. And electric scooters can normally reach more than 40 miles (data bases on Varla scooter) per fully charge, which is already enough for most commuting.
Commute distances
Commonly, the speed of cars in cities is in the range of 20-40 mph, and now the speed of electric scooters is basically in this range, which could meet the needs of daily driving. And the price is much lower. With the development of technology, the performance of scooters will get better and better in the future.


Simple lifestyle has become a trend, more people take action to make their lives simple and efficient. Fortunately, an electric scooter is the perfect transportation tool that makes your life simple! With it, you won't be restricted by fixed routes, you can travel more freely! It is lighter and occupies a small space and can be lifted by one hand without too much effort!


Now, electric scooters can take you to travel in the city, explore a different and more scenic route. More excellent of them, such as Varla scooter, even can ride on all-terrain, give you an opportunity to find the beauty of nature on the weekend. With an electric scooter, you’ll experience a more wonderful and interesting life!
best dual motor electric scooter
In general, electric scooters are not only fit with the trend of environmental protection but also with their excellent performance and design advantages, in line with people's psychology of pursuing a simple lifestyle. Therefore, we have reason to believe that electric scooters will be the future of transportation. Check out our previous blog to find out who need electric scooter most

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