What's the Difference Between Disc Brakes and Drum Brake?

What's the Difference Between Disc Brakes and Drum Brake?

As you know, there are two main brakes of electric scooters: disc brakes and drum brakes. What’s the difference between them? Let’s explore more about that!

Drum brakes

Drum brakes, the most commonly used type of brake on the market. The following are the features of drum brakes.

  • Cost less.
  • Lower frequency of maintenance.
  • Have a slower brake response.
  • Poor heat dissipation.
  • The structure is complex and closed, it’s complicated to disassemble or repair.

No matter the service life or the stability of drum brakes cannot reach the extent of disc brakes’.


disc brakes

So what are the features of disc brakes? Let’s see below:

Disc brakes

  • The braking performance is more stable in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Efficient braking power. Shorten braking distance. The scooter will stop when you brake.
  • Better heat dissipation. As the disc brake is equipped outside the wheel, it cools down more easily.
  • Better drainage performance. When the muddy water enters, brakes are hardly affected.
  • Easy to maintain or replace.
  • Wheels are prone to lock up.

In general, disc brakes have better performance than drum brakes and it can bring brilliant braking performance.

dual hydraulic disc brakes

For this shortcoming that disc brakes are easy to lock, we adopt the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), which can greatly avoid the wheel lockup situation. And make the dual disc brakes much more suitable for our scooter.

Varla electric scooter is outstanding because it adopts dual hydraulic disc brakes plus ABS system, which enables you to stop safely in a second and prevent the wheels from locking up and help them maintain grip with the road. Check out our previous blog post to know more reasons to choose Varla Eagle One.

After reading, do you have any opinions on our dual disc brakes + ABS? Discuss with us and leave your comments!  


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