2022 Varla Eagle One Off-Road Scooter Unboxing, Assembly, & First Ride

2022 Varla Eagle One Off-Road Scooter Unboxing, Assembly, & First Ride

I am a white-collar worker working in the CBD, but I live a 30-minute drive from the place of work, but because of the morning peak every morning, I have to go out 1-1.5 hours earlier. So I want to buy an electric scooter with high speed and convenience. During the web browsing, I saw an Adult Scooter-Varla Eagle One by Varla. Varla is specialized in Electric Scooters For Adults. I see its background Information and trust it. And when I received Varla Eagle One, I was amazed.

First of all, I still think this scooter is relatively easy to handle, at least on the premise that the quality is guaranteed. It’s quicker to get started, and the riding feel, road feedback, vibration, etc., are really good.

1. The overall weight is acceptable, and it can be lifted instantly with one hand. When you are on the road, simply stop, lift and go.

2. Regarding quality: I haven’t really understood what the material of the VERAL scooter is. It is estimated to be some kind of alloy. Lightweight is okay, but I still have reservations about the rigidity. It’s very icy in winter, the type of overall ice.

3. Tire grip: I tried to ride on a rainy day, and I was trembling before, but I found that the speed did not go up, and there was no side slip. Just rest assured. In the after-sales part, there will be a description of the puncture. The quality of this tire is still good.

4. Brakes: The brake feel is no different from conventional mountain bikes. It is very sensitive and can break quickly in some emergency situations.

5. Battery: The entire pedal is where the core battery of the scooter is located. It can be charged once a month under normal commuting, and the battery life is perfect. But pay attention to the state of the battery being depleted all the time, the battery attenuation will be very serious. It will also reduce the service life, so it is necessary to ensure that the battery is in a fully charged state for a long time, and if the battery is ageing, you can log in to the website to find the configured battery and replace it yourself.

6. Shock absorption: The shock absorption is still good, because after all, it is a normal tire, and the shock absorption is still relatively good.

Powerful motor and large battery

The power of this Varla Eagle One is 300W, so its peak power is 600W. It can reach 40 km/h. As an electric scooter for adults, its speed is perfect. The key is that it can climb a 30-degree slope suitable for daily use and has no problem using on some rainy days. Its engine uses a Lithium-ion battery. The capacity of 52V/18.2AH can reach a long endurance. The official announcement is that its endurance is about 45 kilometers. And the battery management system uses more than six protection measures, which can increase the battery’s service life. And I found on Varla’s official website that it can match the battery by itself. If the battery is damaged for any reason, you can buy and install it yourself. It makes me feel that the Varla brand is very caring and careful, which makes me very satisfied. VARLA combines the driver with a disc brake operated by a traditional joystick to operate the system. The idea is to implement e-ABS: two devices work one after another to produce effective braking without blocking.

Varla Eagle One AND off-road

There have been many small electric mobility tool projects on the market recently, and electric scooters are electric mobility products that have only emerged in the past two years. Almost all electric scooters currently on the market are positioned as urban transportation. But few electric scooters can satisfy people who like adventures and challenges like me. Varla, an electric scooter, can meet the needs of daily work and meet my leisure time entertainment tools. Meet the standards of electric off-road scooters. Meet the needs of modern young people for fantasy sports in the city. The shape of this product is unassuming, stylish, sporty, and individual, close to the aesthetic standards of young people in modern cities.

You may be worried about its safety, but this electric scooter is very safe, except for the above-mentioned powerful motor and battery, which can ensure its balance and stability. Many small details increase its safety, such as the sensitivity of its brakes, and it has LED lights that can make other cyclists notice you. In addition, Varla’s tires are also very strong. I didn’t see a pit in the road ahead once because of darkness. When I was worried about whether my tire was damaged, I was surprised to find it intact. The advantages of Varla Eagle One are far more than these. If you are interested, you may wish to try it and discover its benefits. I believe you will like it very much.

In summary, its advantages are:

  • LED headlights and taillights provide better visibility and safety
  • Pneumatic tires and independent suspension ensure a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Informative and intuitive LCD
  • Convenient and easy-to-use locking clip
  • All-terrain electric scooter
  • High-quality and durable materials

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