How to Perform Advanced Maintenance on Your Electric Scooter?

How to Perform Advanced Maintenance on Your Electric Scooter

Perhaps you recently purchased an electric scooter and are interested to know how to maintain it or maybe you’ve owned your scooter for a while and would like to know how to keep it at peak operation. In either case, you’ve come to the right place because today we are going to discuss how to perform basic maintenance of your electric scooter, how to ride it to maximize performance, and maintenance tips to reduce the frequency of electric scooter repairs that you need to perform.

The price of any purchase needs to be considered in terms of how long you own the item. And you can own the item longer if you take care of it. In this way, by maintaining your scooter, you can expect to extend its life and therefore spread the cost of the scooter itself over many years or even decades. This may reduce the barrier of cost from being an issue because you know it will last you for a long time.

Replacing parts of an electric scooter can be expensive, so it is well worth your time to learn how to maintain one once you own it. That way, it will stay in operation and continue to deliver you hours of safe riding, fun, and most of all, value.

Transmission System

The motor of your e-scooter relies on a strong battery so the first and most obvious tip we can give in maintaining the drivetrain of your electric scooter is to always use the factory charger provided with your scooter. Some people will try to use a secondary or incorrect charger to give their scooter power, and this can lead to battery damage, overheating, and reduction of lifespan for the battery and motor. If you lose your Varla charger, you can purchase a replacement for the Pegasus charger or the Eagle One charger

Don’t let your battery go to zero and similarly don’t charge your battery too often when it doesn’t yet need it. This ensures the battery can be charged the maximum number of times without degradation. With some scooters like the Varla Eagle One Dual Motor, you can monitor your battery using the LCD and ride confidently knowing that the smart battery management system (BSM) will tell you the health of the battery.

Off-road Varla Eagle One
Varla Eagle One

You will also want to keep your tires and fenders clean after each ride. Do a quick visual inspection to determine if they need to be wiped down with water or soap and a terry cloth. The tires are your only connection from the motor to the road, so it is doubly important to keep them in good working order and filled with proper air pressure as well. Finally, check for loose nuts or bolts and snug them up about once every three months. 

Gear Shifting System

For many electric scooters, the gear shifting system is located internally and will not be accessible to the rider. This is by design to protect the mechanics that allow your scooter to accelerate and decelerate safely. You should not need to perform much maintenance on the shifting system unless you own a scooter with external metal chains or derailers. While cleaning, the water and soap may dry out the metal parts and cause them to deteriorate or rust. Do not over-lubricate any parts as they may collect dust or debris. 

If your bike has dual modes, such as turbo mode vs. eco mode or single-mode vs. dual-mode, check it before each ride to confirm it is functioning correctly. Do NOT press the SINGLE/DUAL button and ECO/TURBO button during riding. 

Brake System

Electric scooter brakes are of paramount importance to maintain because they will keep you safe and lower the risk of an accident should you need to rely on them in a pinch. Whether you have disc brakes like the Varla Pegasus City Commuter or hydraulic brakes, there are some easy tips to follow to keep them in tip-top shape. 

Commuter Varla Pegasus
Varla Pegasus

The simplest maintenance you can perform with your brakes is testing them to ensure they are in good working order before each ride. It may sound obvious, but by just pulling on the brake handle and testing whether the scooter tires stop you can determine if there is something wrong with the brakes. 

Next, check your brake cables to ensure they are snug and secure before riding. If the line is aged and rusted, you may need to replace it. You also need to note the level of brake pads you have left about once per month. Finally, keep an eye on the disc itself to monitor its placement about once a month. It should be secured in the center of the wheel hub. 

Display System

The LCD screen should be operating correctly before each ride. Not only will it tell you your accurate speed, but it will also indicate your battery level, gear level, distance traveled, and mode you are in. Flip through each selection to confirm it is working as intended. 

If you need to adjust the P-settings, please refer to the Varla manual for your scooter, which can be found on our website

Clean Your Scooter

Whatever you do, do not submerge your scooter while cleaning it. There is also no reason to spray down your scooter as this may cause damage to the electrical components. 

Once a month, or after each dirty ride, you’re going to want to grab a rag, a basic cleaning solution such as Windex, and WD-40 for after you are done cleaning because you’ll want to keep the rims protected from corrosion. Wipe off all excess grease and lubricant so that it does not build gunk up on the scooter. Our final cleaning maintenance tip is to carefully clean the deck of your scooter using a bristle brush and Windex being sure not to damage the grip. 

Now you know how to properly charge your scooter, keep your tires and fenders clean, monitor the shifting mode you are in, test your brakes and adjust if needed, and how to maintain the settings of your electric scooter with the LCD. Remember, the best maintenance is advanced maintenance!

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