The Best High-End Product- Varla Scooter!

One Of The Best High-End Product Designed For Americans- Varla Scooter!

Americans take pride in America-made products. Buying American products is not only a way to support our economy, but we also believe that they are of a higher quality. We place our trust in them! And in turn, this effort not only pays back in terms of a strong economy but also indirectly helps maintain health standards, reduce pollution, lower carbon footprints, etc.

Varla scooters are a By America and For America, high-end product. It has been designed especially for Americans. Varla scooters- Eagle One and Pegasus, have helped make the daily life easier and opened up the outdoors for so many of us! Varla Scooters are a proud American product and take the American ethos seriously. We also understand our responsibility as an American product. Because, in America and in here, we care!

We have put in a lot of effort in making this product. Here is a little about it:

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Varla Scooters: Eagle One & Pegasus

#1: Eagle One

Eagle One is a perfect outdoors partner and is especially good for Off Road Electric Scooters. And when you compare it with other e-scooters in the same price band, you will find that it is the most cost-effective and high-performance electric scooter.

It ticks off all the boxes for features you would want in your ideal off-roading pal.

☒ Dual Motor with 1000*2 W Power                                      ☒ 10 Inch Pneumatic Tyres

☒ Can Reach a max speed of 40 MPH                                     ☒ Dual Hydraulic Brake With ABS

☒ Max Range Of 40 Miles                                                          ☒ 52V/18.2Ah Lithium-ion Battery

☒ Water Resistance     ☒ Water Resistance (IP54)

☒ Independent Suspension                    ☒ 30+ Degree Climbing

☒ 2-year Warranty

All these features mean you can handle any rugged terrain with Eagle One!

#2: Varla Pegasus

Pegasus is an urban scooter. It can scoot at high speed of 28 mph and is ideal for city commuting. With Pegasus, we can proudly claim that it can meet 99% of your on-road riding needs! Priced less than the Eagle One, it does justice to anybody’s city needs. It is a high-end e-scooter that ticks off all the boxes for features you want in your city drive.

☒ Dual Motor With 500*2 W Power                                          ☒ Dual Disk Brake

☒ Can Reach A Max Speed Of 28 MPH       ☒ Max Range Of 28 Miles

☒ 8-Inch Fat Solid Tyres       ☒ 2-Year Warranty

All these features combined ensure that with Pegasus, you can maneuver any city road challenge with ease!

How Much Does A Scooter Cost?

An average off e-scooter range starts from $300. But those hardly serve any purpose.They have low battery power, and most can’t go further than 20 miles. They need flat roads, and off-roading is just but a mockery. But Varla Scooters are a class apart and a high-end American product.Varla Eagle One allows you to rule the off-road like an Eagle. It is fast and can take you on the toughest terrains! On the other side, Varla Pegasus is not only last-mile support, but it is comfortable and fast enough to take you all the way to your office.

An e-bike of the same range will sweat you if you take a 5-mile ride with it. But Pegasus will fly you straight to your office without a drop of sweat. We understand Varla scooters are not a complete substitute for the car, but if your office is a few miles away, trust Pegasus as it will help you dodge traffic jams and parking hunting. Car is a comfortable means if you have to cover really long distances. But when it is under 10 miles, you can give Varla Pegasus a shot. And there is no better partner than Eagle One for an outdoorsy person. You can explore the nearby wilderness with ease and can also take it on walk-on trips.

Its excellent suspension and a gigantic board will keep you safe and comfortable as you explore the wild without taxing your legs much! More information please click here.

Why Should You Invest In A Good E-Scooter?

#1: Great If You Want To Ditch Crowdy Public Transport

Public transportation means are crowded. So, if you want to ditch crowdy public transportation, Varla scooters are a great way to do so.

Also, they are far more comfortable than the crowdy public means. If you own a good e-scooter, you can not only stop wasting money on public transport rentals, instead invest in your own asset. And that is also the reason why you should not invest in rented e-scooters. And also, they are not that good in quality and comfort anyways.

#2: They Are Low-Maintenance Pals

Varla Scooters are durable, and even if anything goes wrong, the repair costs way less than a car.

And talking about the maintenance, you need to lube it and check the screws are tight monthly if required. Else than that, you are good to go.

#3: Operational Costs Are Also Negligible

You only need to charge them. As compared to the sky-rocketing fuel prices, we guess that is a great deal. A boon, we would say.

#4: Save Your Time On Traffic Jams And Parking Hunt

They are faster than the car. And it is not only the speed we are talking about. But the net time you spend amidst the honking cars and fretting yourself about the tiring jam.

And once out of the jam, starts the hunt for a parking space which takes another precious ten minutes.

With an e-scooter, you can glide through the jams and find a good parking spot in under a minute!

#5: Go Green!

And lastly, for the most obvious. E-scooters are the answer to the problem of greenhouse gases, the global warming, depleting glaciers, and so on.

What could be a better solution if, along with the convenience you get with an e-scooter, you can also save the environment?

We guess that indeed is the answer to the problems of the current and future!

The Bottom Line

E-scooters for adults, especially high-end scooters, are the solution to many problems- global warming, crowded public transport, pollution, traffic jams, parking issues, etc.

But we hope that Varla scooters do more than just problem-solving. We hope they do value addition. They may take you outdoors and let you explore the wild. In the city, they might relieve you from traffic jam stress and so on.

We hope the above article sheds some light on how an American product should be. And if you have any doubts or queries, drop us a mail at if you are not a customer or at if you are already a part of the Varla family!

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