How to Lock Your Electric Scooters to Not Get Stolen?

How to Lock Your Electric Scooters to Not Get Stolen?

Electric scooter, as a kind of fun and economical vehicle, due to its portability, can be combined with car, bus and train to expand people's travel range and improve transportation efficiency. However, just because of its small size and light weight, it’s also easy to be targeted by thieves. If you have got a scooter, you may wonder how to prevent the scooter from being stolen? Turn off the power, remove the keys, park scooter wisely ,and do not to leave it alone on the street, these are some basic things to be noted. Yet we believed the most effective method is to invest in locks. There are various types of locks in the market, each has got different functions, strengths and security levels, and price. If you have no idea about how to find the right lock, you're in the right place! We’ll introduce the main types of locks for electric scooter and how to use them as well as their pros and cons, for each type, we have one best lock recommend for your reference. How to lock your electric scooter to not get stolen CONTENT Use Chain Lock Use Cable Lock Use U-Lock Use Disc Lock Use Grip Lock Use Foldable Lock Attach Scooter Alarm System
  • Use Chain Lock

Chain locks are one of the safest types of locks on electric scooters. There are two types, one with padlock and one without. The chain lock with padlock is divided into two parts: the chain itself and the padlock. Although the safety of the chain lock may be the best, the chain is usually larger and heavier. However, in situations where flexibility and a larger diameter are required (for example, the scooter itself is large, or the object you are trying to lock to it is large), their size may also be an advantage.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit 14 millimeter chain

The 14mm six-sided chain links 10mm six-sided chain links made from 3T manganese steel for ultimate strength, it is strong enough to stop any cutting attempts. It is covered by a sliding protective nylon dust cover, that extends its durability.

A lock without a padlock is easier to carry, its weight is much less than the former, and it also has a good performance to prevent cutting. Most thieves cannot easily cut through. For most people, this is a more convenient option.


Kryptonite Evolution 1016 Mini 10mm Chain Lock

This kind of chain is also made from 3T manganese steel, but this 10 mm chain more portable than the 14 mm one. It can be placed in the handlebar bag, and when you had to leave the scooter for a long time, take it out and lock the scooter on the parking rack.

The reason that chain locks are safer than U Locks is that since chains are more difficult to fix and maintain stability in the real world, they are more resistant to angle grinders and cutting attacks. It should be noted that, no matter what kind of lock, when in use, it should not be too close to the ground; otherwise, it is easy to be damaged by thieves with a hammer. Therefore, chain locks may be the best way to protect the scooter because they have excellent flexibility and high-security. Security Flexibility Portability
  • Use Cable Lock

The cable lock usually is made of a braided steel cable, wrapped with a layer of protective vinyl coating for added weather and scratch resistance. It is very flexible and easy to carry, and the price is relatively affordable, $9 or so, which can be seen as a basic anti-theft lock. And it should be used in a safer time, such as you just leave for a few minutes. Just lock the scooter on a fixed pole such as a parking rack to improve security.

Master Four-Digit Combination Cable Lock

If you want to use a cable lock, it's best to combine it with another lock. Master Lock's cable lock combines a 4-digit code lock. It will require 10.000 attempts to crack, which gives you enough time to return to the scooter. The cable is 120 cm / 4 feet long, 8 mm thick, and coated with a vinyl coating for protection.

If you only need to lock the electric scooter temporarily or on a limited budget, you can consider this combination lock. But if you live in an area where thieves are rampant, we still recommend that you use a more secure lock, such as the Chain Lock. Security Flexibility Portability
  • Use U-Lock

The U lock is also a good way to protect the scooter. U-locks are hard enough, and if they want to cut the locks, thieves will need large bolt cutters to destroy them. To do this, the thief needs to prepare these tools, plus some skills. But the process of stealing will definitely cause a lot of commotion. Not only will it make noise, but it will also tell passers-by that someone is trying to steal the scooter. The disadvantage is that the U lock lacks flexibility. If you decide to use a U lock, you need to measure its length to be long enough for you to fasten the rod to the parking rack. For an electric scooter, unless your scooter wheels are also empty as a bicycle wheel and can be locked by the U lock. If not, only the stem can allow you to fasten it. To sum up, for high-security, and we still recommend chain locks.

Kryptonite New York LS Heavy Duty U Lock

This U lock is also a product of Kryptonite. The 16mm hardened steel shackle resists hand tools, bolt cutters, and leverage attacks, hardly affected by cutting tools. Even more reassuring is that if it is stolen in the first year, there can be up to $4,000 Reimbursement.

If your scooter is a high-end scooter, such as Varla Eagle One, the price is more than $1,000; then you can consider using this U lock. Security Flexibility Portability
  • Use Disc Lock


Disc Lock

Disc locks are more common in bicycles, and they are almost the same as padlocks. For most scooters with solid wheels, disc locks are not suitable and are only used on scooters with gaps in the wheels.

Once you insert the disc lock in the wheel, the thief cannot ride the scooter unless the lock is removed. If they try to do this, the scooter will be damaged. The function of the disc lock is only to prevent the movement and riding of the scooter. But due to the portability of electric scooters, people can easily take them away. Security Flexibility Portability
  • Use Grip Lock


Grip Lock

The handle lock is used to lock the brake lever and the grip, which is mainly suitable for motorized scooters, which are bigger.

Due to the electric scooter's small size, the scooter can still be carried away even though apply the grip lock, which has little effect on preventing theft, so it is highly recommended not to buy a handle lock. Security Flexibility Portability
  • Use Foldable Lock

Folding locks are portable and safe. They can be folded into a small, easy-to-carry shape, such as a small rectangle.

Varla Scooter Foldable Lock

Varla Foldable Lock is made of heavy-duty steel known for its cut-resistance, the chain is covered with a protective layer that protects it from being scratched and sawed, and prevents it from damaging the scooter frame. With a total length of 30.7 inches/78 cm, it will be able to lock the most popular scooters in most cases.

Although they are still powerful enough to stop most theft attempts, there is still a risk of theft for expensive scooters or people in a dangerous situation. In these cases, we strongly recommend that you use more than one lock. Security Flexibility Portability
  • Attach Scooter Alarm System


Scooter Alarm

The alarm will be the second anti-theft measure you need to equip if you park it in a more dangerous place. If your scooter is changing location, or even just being tilted, it will activate, sound a loud alarm, and even notify you through an app on your phone, which will make the thief panic and run away.


The amount of investment in the lock is often related to the price of the scooter. The more expensive the scooter generally requires a better lock to ensure its security. If you choose to use two different types of locks and scooter alarms, the security of your scooter can be greatly improved. In the real-world, you can rest assured with two locks and an alarm. Unless you can guarantee that the scooter will never be alone in a dangerous place or out of your sight, don't ignore the value of a lock. Check out more helpful tips from Varla Scooter:

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