Top 3 Accessories You Need

Top 3 Accessories You Need for Your E-scooter

There are lots of accessories on the market, how do you choose with the limited budget?

We selected 3 things for you here. No matter you go off-road or commute on a scooter, these 3 accessories must be the most useful things!

No.1 Helmet

Wherever you go, the helmet is necessary!

The traffic rules of each state require riders to wear a helmet. Without a helmet, you cannot go on the road. And the Portland Electric Scooter Pilot Study noted that the most common cause of a scooter crash injury was falling, accounting for 83% of injury visits. If you wear a helmet, you can greatly reduce the risk of injury. Don’t have a helmet? Shop and have it now! Check out the top 5 best helmets for electric scooters.

Wear Helmets for Better Protection While Riding art High Speed

Price: $99| Helmet

No.2 Phone Holder

Cell phone has become a part of our daily life. When you go out without a bag, phone holder can keep your phone in place. Very useful! Especially when you need GPS on the road, you can check the route on the phone easily.

Phone Holders

There are many choices online!

No.3 Handlebar Bag

The bag can meet your needs for going out. You don’t have to worry about where to put your keys, cell phone, earphones, all of them can be put in the Varla handlebar bag. It’s convenient to take your belongings and super practical!

Handlebar Bag $39

Price: $39| Handlebar Bag


The above are the Top 3 needed accessories we recommended when riding Varla Eagle One. If you already have one, welcome to leave a comment to share your experience! In addition, what other accessories do you think are necessary for riding? Welcome to discuss!

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